“Atelier” is a French word meaning “workshop” or "studio". It had us thinking about people as workshops; created to house effort, purpose, and beauty. Art continues to inspire us to be the best possible versions of ourselves, we hope our art can do the same for you!


We are currently releasing our second full length album Sun which began its monthly release January 1st, 2020. Click "subscribe" to be a part of our creative process and be the first to find out! Subscribers will receive early downloads of each song, get access to commentaries describing how each song was made, and be the first to find out about new merch and private shows!

Our Latest Release!

As you can see from the video above, we make commentaries! We have made multiple commentaries about how each song is made, from the writing process to the recording process and all of the fun stuff in between. We have also typed our commentaries out in blog form for those of you who would prefer to read rather than listen. Enjoy!

Listen to commentaries