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The Landscape Series consists of three 5 song EPs exploring the ups, mids, and lows in life. While writing these themed songs, we found how important each stage of emotion is to maintaining a balanced life. 

Nathan Benedict's EP "Peaks" Cover Art

"Colombo By Night" is about committing to relationships. It is about loving people more as time passes. The verses and chorus were written one night after spending time with a good friend and his girlfriend. Their care for one another through their ups and downs was inspiring. The bridge came in Sri Lanka a few best friends were all ready to sleep after a long work day. One of the locals invited us to see "Colombo by Night" (Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka). It would've been rude for us at that point to refuse, so we piled into his van. We spent hours bouncing around the back seat, listening to an excited Sri Lankan tell us about his city. As soon as we got home and pulled out our instruments, the bridge part of the song happened, and the song was finished. 

"Plains" is the second EP in the series. Each of the songs have themes of endurance and transformation over time. The third song, "California", is about the joy and rest we've found in California. The song mentions Yosemite, Mammoth, the Pacific Ocean, and other must-see places. Whenever we're feeling off, we go for a hike or take a trip to the beach. It takes patience and effort to get out in nature sometimes, but it's good for the soul! This music video was filmed at one of our favorite spots in the world: Point Dume, Malibu.

"Hollows" is the third and final EP in the series. Each of the songs on it are about processing various forms of darkness and understanding the significance of pain. In the music video for "In Your Bones", Nathan share's his story of growing up thinking he was tone deaf. The piano in the video is the same piano he resented so much as a child. He knew that he loved music, but what he loved about music sounded nothing like the rigid pitch structure of a piano. His love for music and his insecurity in sharing it were equally strong. They both led him to the most challenging and rewarding process in his life thus far: learning to sing. 

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